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Erin Cox

Finding Oak Meadow has been a blessing in so many ways. Our daughters have gained a deep appreciation for learning. They know it is more than memorizing information; it is a process that once you understand you can apply to any situation. Beyond the education we have gained a family – a diverse loving community that has enriched all of our lives.

Claudia Gherasim

Our family loves Oak Meadow Montessori School. They are committed to provide the best education to our child. We notice from one week to the other how our boy learns new things. We are planning on enrolling our daughter to Oak Meadow as well when she is old enough.

Claudia Gonzalez

Our daughter started at Oak Meadow in 2008 as a toddler and now is in her 5th year of Elementary. I could not put my daughter in better hands than Oak Meadow with the love they provide to all the children, the family atmosphere, the quiet and clean environment. The professionalism and affection of all teachers, administrators, and other staff members made my daughter want to always come to school with a smile.

Tip Kendall

Oak Meadow is a school that demonstrates a clear and consistent vision as a place that upholds the Montessori Method of education and creates a community that nurtures happy, independent children.

Meredith Milby

I know Oak Meadow was the perfect school for my child when I visited a classroom and saw how polite and engaged the students were during their “work cycle”. Other schools I had seen the teachers struggling to get the attention of the preschoolers; at Oak Meadow Montessori School the kids are all focused on their own work. My son started at 15 months and it has been wonderful. His teachers really care for him and he is learning and happy. I am really glad we found OMMS.

Samantha Molineaux

I consider Oak Meadow an equal partner in my children’s upbringing. It has helped shape them into gracious, respectful, courteous, enthusiastic and attentive citizens. Educationally, it is second to none. I genuinely believe, having completed both the Primary and Elementary programs, my children have the confidence to try anything and achieve whatever they want in life.

Anar and Asif Jessani

As first time parents, we are extremely pleased with the love and care that our daughter receives at Oak Meadow Montessori School. Miss Kimberly, Miss Stephanie, as well as the staff are all amazing. We also love the learning opportunities provided through Coffee with Parents and the Class Showcase. OMMS truly provides the best learning environment for our daughter!

Heather Becker

As soon as I walked into Oak Meadow I felt at home. I took my daughter to tour during an open house and she explored the toddler classroom for nearly two hours! I toured a couple of other schools but the choice was clear. Five years later I have two children attending and thriving. Oak Meadow is more than a school, it feels like an extension of our family. My children are nurtured, supported, and challenged and our whole family feels like we are valued members of the Oak Meadow community.

Dr. Erik and Christine Fisher

To be lucky enough to find a school where your child can grow and bloom from the inside out through their prime developing years is such a rare opportunity these days. Oak Meadow has been more than a school for our family, it has become a second home for our daughter, where we have been able to collaborate at every level of the administration from teachers to the director to find solutions that work for everyone, especially the children. School needs to be about so much more than books. It is preparation for life. They understand that at Oak Meadow, and we know that we have a stronger family because of their insights.

Kristen Shappert

My daughters have been Oak Meadow students since they were two years old. In addition to academic excellence, they learned leadership skills, and mastered presenting in front of an audience. In addition, they gained empathy and compassion for their peers beyond, I believe, what they would have gained in a more traditional classroom environment. The skills mastered at Oak Meadow have served my older daughter well as she transitioned to public middle school. She is on the A honor roll and was chosen to participate in the Duke TIP program based on her GA Milestone scores. Oak Meadow provides the skills needed for academic success and personal growth.

Sarah Kelly

Such a wonderful school that both of my daughters have truly loved. This school feels like family while my children are receiving a fully enriching education. I’m very proud to be part of this school, having my daughters attend here, seeing my daughters grow and learn in an environment completely tailored to children.

Kashif Tajani

Oak Meadow has been a blessing for our family! Zaid loves this school and his teachers. The entire staff knows every child and has made a special bond with each one! We truly love this school and would recommend it to all our families and friends. This school is much further for us now but we cannot even think about taking our son out! Thank you Ms. Kimberly and Ms. Heather for always putting in your 200% every day!”

Becky Anaya

Oak Meadow is an oasis of calm, loving, and logical instruction in a world where education is increasingly impersonal and regimented. My son has been inspired, challenged, and stimulated into what will become a life-long learning mindset. So thankful we found you!

Monica Lenghel

We have been members of the Oak Meadow Montessori School just for six months but we are planning to stay for many years. It is a wonderful environment for our daughter. We like the welcoming and friendly staff and we appreciate our daughter’s teacher. Ms. Amber is very kind, patient, and a good person from which our daughter has and will continue to learn a lot.

Keri Karim

We have been part of the Oak Meadow Family now for over seven years with our two children. Our time here started with PATHS class which to this day impacts how we parent our children. Our children are in hands of those who take great pride in raising adults of tomorrow. It is truly a place where we see our whole child grow.

Cristina Pantea

We love the school. Both of our kids are currently enrolled at Oak Meadow. Our son started in 2012 and our daughter started in 2015. I highly recommend OMMS to anyone that wants and is open to a different approach to learning.

Mona Abdo

I am pleased of how my daughter Aleen has developed during her first year at Oak Meadow. She now has more compassion, more discipline, and she is more considerate of others. The staff here is very friendly, supportive and competent. Also the environment is very safe and creative. I don’t think any other school would give my daughter the same one on one time that she needs and deserves. Thank you again for your beautiful school and service.

Dee Dee Pohlel

We looked at over ten schools before we found Oak Meadow. As soon as we finished the tour I knew we had found the perfect place. Our son literally pulls us towards the car to go to school every morning. We have seen huge leaps in our son’s development since starting and could not be happier with his progress. I would recommend Oak Meadow.

Paul Dowdy

If you are looking for a quality education for your child, Oak Meadow is the place to be. We have approximately 12 years of learning experience with Oak Meadow. From the moment you walk through the front door and interact with the front office staff you know you are in the right environment for your child. The teachers are top notch with many years of experience. Oak Meadow will become your extended family and they always put the children first.

Zuleikha Sayeed

My daughter has just started at Oak Meadow and in the few days she has been going, she is loving it! I thought she would have a tough time adjusting, but she loves going to school. Everyone I have met in the administration and staff is extremely courteous and caring. I’m sure this is the best decision we made for our daughter.

Priti Sharma

Our daughter attends the Toddler Community and we have seen such an improvement in her verbal and social skills. As an only child, my husband and I were worried about her socialization and communication skills. But, Ms. Wendy and Ms. Lois have done an excellent job with her! She LOVES going to school and I love my little break!!!

Jamie Thorton

My husband and I cannot praise Oak Meadow Montessori School enough. Our son absolutely loves going to school there. Every afternoon when he gets in the car he tells us how much fun he had at school and explains what he learned. He has learned more in a month of attending Oak Meadow than he did throughout a whole year in the previous daycare. We are very pleased with his progress and look forward to watching him grow and develop more.

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