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Oak Meadow Parent Association (OMPA)

The Oak Meadow Parent Association, Inc. (OMPA) is key in our community. Every parent is a member of this group, which functions as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit association.  Our EIN # is  58-2386420 and all funds raised or donated are tax deductible.

With parents participating just a few hours per month, we can make real and lasting improvements to the environment in which our children are educated. We ask that parents donate their time to enrich our community, and we find that they value this time very much. The following are descriptions of some of the various areas in which we can concentrate our energies in an organized fashion:

Classroom Liaisons

We have 3-4 parents signed up to be parent liaisons for each classroom. One parent is the head liaison and the other parents will assist as needed. The liaison’s role is to work together with the teacher to coordinate special classroom projects and activities. The liaison then organizes parent participation, as needed, for these special events. This is a great way to get to know your child’s teacher, become active in your child’s classroom and really make a difference here at the school.

Library Group

The focus of this group is two-fold. One purpose of this group is to assist our children by volunteering time to come into the classrooms or media center and listen to the children read aloud. The individual attention for the students provides great incentive for them to work on their emerging reading skills. The second purpose of this group is to provide a core of parent volunteers who can come into the media center and help with a variety of projects on an as needed basis, such as tagging new books or assisting with re-shelving.

Earth Group

This is a fun group for parents with a green thumb or those people who just like to play in the dirt. This group will help beautify the school environment by organizing Fall and Spring clean-up and planting of the school grounds. These parents also assist the children with their gardening efforts in the classrooms’ raised beds, and participate in recycling projects.

Hospitality Group

This group helps to spread good will in the Oak Meadow community. Volunteers in this group will organize to welcome and orient new parents. Also, this group will recognize special situations, such as births, illnesses, and deaths, and address them in appropriate ways, to help the community express their excitement or sorrow.

Community Enrichment

This group is for those who have a big heart. The goal of this group is to organize students and parents to assist in giving back to the community. Efforts like food and clothing drives are among the events this group will organize. This group has also made cards for the infants in the Scottish Rite neonatal ICU and assembled care packages for seniors in need, and soldiers serving overseas.

Yearbook Group

This group will help to produce a yearbook by taking pictures in the classroom and at school events. They will also work on the planning, editing, layout and design of the yearbook.

Materials Group

This group helps to prepare materials for classroom use. The work can be done at home or at school. Attention to detail is a must.

OMPA Leadership

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